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AFS Schiphol installs MBA conductivity measurement

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MBA Instruments (MAIHAK) brings MBA808

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Write down in your calendar, Solids Rotterdam, 2nd and 3rd of October 2019.

Solids Rotterdam 2019
Solids Rotterdam

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KEMP a business with a full 30 years of experience

KEMP BV is a technical consulting firm that works based on the notion of “from plan to production.” But it is the customer who decides whether our team should support the project from the beginning to the end, or if KEMP BV should handle only a small part of the whole project.

The name KEMP BV covers the three main activities, being engineering, maintenance and project management.

A great deal of expertise is available within the firm. In addition, KEMP BV has agreed alliances with experienced firms for construction calculations, acoustic studies and soil analysis for example. We make sure during the design phase that no unnecessary and cost-intensive solutions are developed.

KEMP BV has been supporting maintenance projects at various companies for many years. That experience has shown that having products in stock makes sense. That experience led to the side activity of sales of various technical products and the maintenance management system called BOPV5. The five different brands represented here are:

SMBLogistics systems, packaging machines (bulk goods and liquids), ship loading.


MAIHAKMembrane switches, vane sensors, oscillation sensors, radar measurements and plumb line sensors.

TrilzevenVibratory sifters, vibratory feeders, vibratory conveyors, electrical vibration motors and pneumatic vibrators.

WAMDust filters, transport screws, mixers, pneumatic transport, dosing sluices, loading beams and valves.

OnderhoudsmanagementsoftwareMaintenance management software.



KEMP BV operates in the following fields of engineering:
  • Design (new- and rebuild)
  • Capacity increasing
  • Production optimisation
    • Increasing mixer output
    • Optimising drying processes
    • Optimising packaging lines
  • Company relocations
  • Environmental permits
  • Setting up and maintaining environmental care systems



KEMP BV can advise you on:
  • Setting up a maintenance plan
  • Reducing your maintenance costs
  • Setting up an optimum spare parts policy


In addition, KEMP BV can also perform work for you such as:
  • Filter maintenance
  • Maintenance of bulk packaging machines
    • Bagging machines (incl. SMB, Erkomat, Arodo, PKT)
    • Palletisers (incl. SMB, Arodo, Beumer)
    • Wrapping machines (incl. ITW Haloila)


Project management

KEMP BV has project managers with around 30 years of experience in managing multidisciplinary teams. The team can help you in realising your plans.

  • Setting up feasibility study with concept design
  • Lay-out study
  • Detail design including financial budget
  • Construction support
  • Commissioning and technical acceptance (quality and capacity check)


Permanent employees at KEMP


Frans KruseIng. Frans (J.F.K.) Kruse

Director-owner / senior project manager

Send an email to F. Kruse

+31 (0) 6 519 899 41

Experience: Cement industry, dry mortar industry, water purification, paper industry, steel industry and rubber industry

Theo van MarrewijkTheo van Marrewijk

Sales representative

Send an email to T. van Marrewijk

+33 (0) 608 037 095



Job openingJob opening





Nanda KruseNanda (N.) Kruse


Send an email to N. Kruse

+31 (0) 74 291 40 23

Experience: -


Monique BroekkampMonique (M.A.M.) Broekkamp

Sales assistant / administration

Send an email to M. Broekkamp

+31 (0) 74 291 40 23

Experience: chemicals industry, cement industry




Freelancers working at KEMP

Henk BruerenDrs. Ing.Henk (H.J.H.) Brueren

Senior project manager

Send an email to H. Brueren

+31 (0) 6 527 613 60

Expertise: environmental consulting for businesses, advice on enforcement proceedings, mediation in environmental conflicts